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Start People Talking With Custom Promotional Products from Minuteman Press

If you look at your desk right now you will see many things; a few work documents, maybe yesterday’s coffee cup, a computer. And on that paper, lies a pen next to that coffee cup a bottle of water and in that computer a usb drive.

These small everyday items are seen all day everyday whether you like it or not, subliminally or otherwise. So, if that’s the case, why isn’t your name on all of them?

Minuteman Press design custom promotional pens, usb drives and water bottles. We can get your business name and contact information on everything, no stone left unturned no surface unbranded. If you fish around your home or office, you will surely have a promotional pen or usb drive with a company you have never used in a suburb you rarely visit, yet.

Promotional printing is a great marketing avenue because you can brand essential everyday items like water bottles and turn them into promotional tools. Minuteman Press can provide you with custom designed promotional products to circulate and advertise your brand, increase lead generation and ultimately improve the status and overall sales of your business

Brand everything

Is your name on everything? If not, Minuteman Press will make it so. Our custom designed promotion products will make your business a household name in no time. So, call us now on 8790 5611 for a quote.

  • Products: Bags, Drinkware, Lighters, Meeting (Notebook, Writing Pads), Office (Badge Holder, Name Tags & Badges), Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Sticky Notes, USB Drives,
  • Colour: 1, 2 or Full Colour

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