Attract new business with Magnets designed by Minuteman Press

Magnets are a great way to attract customers, it’s not hard to see the value when we are surrounded by them. Every fridge is a free marketing tool to a multitude of businesses that didn’t even have direct involve that the owner.

The team at Minuteman Press can create custom magnets with creative designs your customers will be happy to adorn the offices and homes with. We produce high quality designs, logos, brand names and text onto magnets of all colours shapes and sizes.

At Minuteman Press if it can be printed we can print it. If you think your family and friends would be far better off with your face front and centre all on their fridges, we agree. Take advantage of our photo magnets, we can print a picture of anything, including your winning smile.

Magnets offer a medium of advertising that has similar reach to a large campaign but at a fraction of the cost. This cost-effective form of advertising will lead you to save money on advertising but still get your brand circulated by providing the public at large with free attractive magnets that keeps them reminded of your contact details.

Pull customers closer

Are you feeling a little far away from your consumers? Then call Minuteman Press and set you up with custom magnets to get your band in the front door, call us now on 8790 5611 for a free quote.

  • Size: 50x50mm, 50x70mm, 50x90mm, 55x90mm, 50x110mm, 50x150mm, 70x70mm, 70x95mm 70x145mm, 99x210mm, 145x210mm, 210x297mm, 297x420mm
  • Colour: Full colour x1

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