Minuteman Press Introduce Custom Envelope Printing In Melbourne

Envelopes may seem like less of a priority than their contents but from a marketing perspective they are the first impression your prospective and current clients receive from your mailed materials. They also offer an additional medium allowing your brand or logo to be the first thing the client sees.

Minuteman Press print custom envelopes giving Melbourne businesses an opportunity to capitalise on the white and plain, traditional style envelopes, by adding a little flavour to the fold.

Colourful, wrap around images, custom sizing, special windows; envelope printing doesn’t have to be boring. We can give you advice about what design may suit your needs. If you have a concept or idea let us know and we can tailor our services to your vision.

Open up to a new design

If you have spent the time getting your envelopes customised, then it’s fair to say you want the content inside to reflect the capsule. Our graphic design department will craft a card that will complement your envelope and engage the recipient by furthering representing your brand.

Minuteman Press is giving envelope printing in Melbourne a facelift and letting you know that maybe it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Your overall package needs to instil the same recognition as its content.

Put away the plain, illuminate your post

Do you want to stand out? Minuteman Press will create custom envelopes to suit any business, wipe the white and call us now on 8790 5611.

  • Size: DL (220×110), DLX (235×120), C5 (229×162), C4 (324×229), B4 (353×250)
  • Envelopes Types: Window Face Secretive Lick & Stick/ Peel & Seal / Booklet Mailer- Lick & Stick/ Booklet Mailer – Peal & Seal, Plain Face Self Seal/ Peal & Seal
  • Stock: 120gsm White knight, 120gsm Conqueror bright White, 115gsm Envirocare 100% Recycled, 100gsm Laserbond, 80gsm Lasebond

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