Offset Printing, Onset Exposure with Minuteman Press inBerwick

A beautiful city situated on the hill driven south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Berwick is as charming as it is unique. Although it has experienced rapid growth in recent years Berwick is still home to its old-fashioned library, prim gardens and distinctive boulevard.

The small city has managed to retain the humble characteristics of origins as a 19th-century English village. In 1994 Berwick was merged into the newly created City of Casey. Extending the community to surrounding areas neighbouring townships such as Narre Warren.

History and heritage in Berwick

Prior to settlement the land that Berwick now occupies was that of the Wurundjeri and the Bunurong people. The region was used by indigenous people as a camping and hunting ground on an annual basis. With deep ties to native Australian people indigenous Australians still visit the city seeking to understand the life and history of their ancestors.

Berwick and its surrounding businesses are frequented by many tourists throughout the year. With a rich history, stunning scenery and warm community atmosphere, more and more businesses and institutions throughout the area are in need of affordable printing services to offer information to visitors and keep city residents up to date with community events.

Minuteman Press offers offset printing which is the process of creating multiple print plates designed to the parameters of your design. While initially it results in a higher initial cost once the plates have been created and the machine is up and running it is extremely affordable way of printing orders in bulk. The more you need printed, the better the price becomes per unit.

If you’re thinking of printing large orders offset printing will aid your overall bottom line. Minuteman Press facilitate the best in design when it comes to printing plates and the best in affordability when printing larger orders.

Substitute the following printing jobs with offset printing:

  • Bulk business card orders for multiple employees
  • Annual Reports
  • Booklets
  • Shareholder Prospectuses
  • Consumer catalogues
  • Internal company magazines
  • Restaurant meus
  • Instruction booklets and training manuals

Bigger is better, order more for less with Minuteman Press

Have you got a large order to fill? Offset printing with Minuteman Press will ensure larger orders are met with the best affordability, design and turnaround times. So, call us today on 8790 5611 for a free quote.